2024 HBC 5th Grade Intramural Program Registration

5th Grade Clinic Info

Clinics are open all 5th Graders enrolled in the Howell Public Schools

  • Clinic sessions will start January 2024
  • HBC will hold separate clinic sessions for boys and girls
  • Clinic sessions last for ~1.5 hours
  • Please refer to the Schedule available in the TeamSnap app following player registration for the most up to date Clinic schedule.

5th Grade Intramural League Info

  • Players from Clinics will be selected to represent each school in Intramural League play starting in January/February 2024
  • Practice sessions will be limited and scheduled based on court and coach availability.
  • Games will generally be played in the Howell Schools gym facilities.
  • Games will start between 4:00 and 4:30 PM