Howell Hawks Travel Program

The Howell Hawks Travel Program provides opportunities for players from Age 8 through Age 13 for both Boys and Girls.  The Hawks participate in the competitive Mid-Monmouth League facing teams from across Monmouth and Ocean counties.  They also participate in a variety of leagues and tournaments from October through March every year.  Tryouts for the Hawks is held annually in either June or August for the following season.  Team eligibility is based primarily on the player's birth date.

Boys Teams

Howell Hawks - Team Eligibility

Girls Teams

Born between 8/1/14 and 7/31/15 OR Born after 6/30/14 and in the 3rd Grade

Combined with U9 Girls

Born between 8/1/13 and 7/31/14 OR Born after 6/30/13 and in the 4th Grade

Born between 8/1/12 and 7/31/13 OR Born after 6/30/12 and in the 5th Grade

Born between 8/1/11 and 7/31/12 OR Born after 6/30/11 and in the 6th Grade

Born between 8/1/10 and 7/31/11 OR Born after 6/30/10 and in the 7th Grade

Born between 8/1/09 and 7/31/10 OR Born after 6/30/09 and in the 8th Grade